Ache (Liver) - body soreness worse with heat... 肌肉酸痛(肝) - Silkie

Tendon Deform

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Tendon Deform - to nourish the blood and soften

How We Use Honey

Most remedies and supplements use artificial preservatives and binders. Traditional Chinese herbal remedies use honey as the binder which gives them a unique ball shape. Honey helps the remedy absorb in your system.

100% Natural

Our Chinese herbal remedies are 100% natural and we only use the best ingredients that were harvested just at the right time, at the peak of their potency.  The herbs are tested for heavy metals and pesticides and then processed to the TCM guidelines, before we grind and mix them with Honey to make our traditional style honey pills, No animal parts, artificial color, flavors, preservatives, dairy, chemical binders or wax. 

5 Generations

Over five generations we have collected, tested and refined Chinese herbal formulas that themselves draw from 3000 years of experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Traditional Chinese Medicine is a profound pathway to create the life you were born to live. It's a timeless bridge that can initiate and support change and growth in any and every life dimension: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

TCM history
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