Bird's Nests

Bird's Nests

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Bird’s Nests have been considered a valuable dietary supplement for centuries. TCM doctors recommend it to treat asthma, cough, and lung disease. Elderly people who have chronic diseases or poor eyesight, stroke survivors, and dialysis patients are encouraged to use bird’s nest as a supplement.  Bird’s Nests can nourish the yin (calming, relaxing, better sleep etc.), moisten dry eyes, and help to hydrate  the skin. 

Recent scientific research by Biochemists showed that edible Bird's Nests enhances the immune system and helps with recovery from cell damage during cancer treatment, read the full research paper here.

All of our Bird's Nests come from a family farm in Indonesia and adhere to the highest quality standards. They are available in whole nests and in loose pieces as a more economic alternative.

Different from the straw and sprigs type, the edible nests are a special variety that only the swiftlet makes in certain regions of South East Asia. The male swiftlet creates the nest by depositing nutrient rich saliva layer by layer during mating season. After the new swiftlets have hatched and start their life in the wild, the nests are harvested, painstakingly cleaned by hand and sold all over the world for their health enhancing properties. 
While we believe in the real benefits of Bird’s Nest, we also know that the high price of it has attracted a fair amount of shady business practices and scrupulous players. It is not uncommon to find Bird’s Nest products on the market that have been bleached with chemicals to enhance the grading, glued together with fillers made out of cheap materials or saturated with water to add to it’s weight and enhance the seller’s profit.
Therefore we at silkie have partnered with a family operated farm in Indonesia that is dedicated to pure unadulterated Bird’s Nest and we guarantee: 

100% Pure Bird's Nest
No chemicals added while cleaning
No glue or other materials added
No broken bird’s nest fillings
No more than 10% water content in Bird’s Nest
Never bleached
Bird’s Nest cleanliness ranks highest in the industry

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    The silkie Bird's Nests undergo a laborious manual cleaning process that does not involve any chemicals or foreign materials. This ensures the highest quality and most natural product on the market: