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Silkie's Herbal Formulas, Teas, and Steamers start with the highest quality herbs harvested at the height of potency with no fillers or artificial ingredients.

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Honey is the only binding agent

No artificial fillers or ingredients

Herbs harvested at the height of potency

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Herbal Teas

Silkie medicinal herbal teas are carefully crafted to have Yin and Yang balance so they are good for all body types. Our herbs are harvested at the height of potency and skillfully combined for synergy and efficacy. These herbal tea blends are then tested, measured, and packaged in compostable tea bags made from plant fiber.  Each herbal tea can be enjoyed purely for taste and for therapeutic benefits. 

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Bird's Nests

Bird's Nests are good for acne, bad or dry skin, asthma, cough, lung disease, etc.

Recent scientific research by Biochemists showed that edible Bird's Nests enhance the immune system and help with recovery from cell damage during cancer treatment

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Herbal Steamers

Silkie steam therapy, using the benefits of steam combined with therapeutic herbal formulations, is powerful and soothing. Each unique steamer has its own natural aroma and purposeful blend. Our herbs are harvested at the height of potency and carefully combined for synergy and efficacy. These herbal steamers are tested, measured, and packaged in a compostable pouch (sachet) made from plant fiber.

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Meet Ann Tam, 5th generation herbalist and Founder of Silkie Herbs.

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Great Product!

Worked great, reduced swelling within a week and a half with three fractures and a torn ligament in my ankle.

Richard T.


I’m definitely getting more sleep and feeling more rested! I love Silkie herbs!

Stephanie G.

Does what it says it does!

These herbs do exactly what they say they do: they help you feel calm! My father takes them, and he's a crazy workaholic, so these help ease his mind.

David D.


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