Why Silkie

Silkie is the result of five generations of experience and wisdom in Chinese Medicine. We start with the highest quality herbs that have been harvested at the height of their potency. They are substantially more expensive than less potent herbs that were harvested in the pre- or post-season, but in our view there is no substitute for this quality of herbs. Our supplements are made with natural Honey as a binder for the pills. We don't use any fillers or artificial ingredients. Because this is how our great Grandfathers did it and we carry on that tradition. 

Our Heritage

Our story proudly begins with Tam Ri Cai (譚日彩) who was born in China in 1786. He was the first doctor in our family. Although he studied the law and became very adept at Traditional Chinese Medicine, he chose to follow in his father’s footsteps and became a minister. His ministry kept him very busy and was never able to formally open his own clinic. This did not prevent him from treating hundreds of poor people from different villages that he ministered to.

TCM history

The next member of the family, Tam Qi Guang (譚啟光), was born in China in 1852. He was the only son who chose to study Chinese herbal medicine and became a doctor and did not work for the Imperial government. In addition to his practice he wrote many herbal books - some of which we still have today. They contain many formulas and remedies for different diseases from the places that he traveled to.

One of the herbal book written by our ancestor

Tam Cheng Hai (譚盛海) in his herbal store, approx. 1957

In 1915 our third generation patriarch, Tam Cheng Hai (譚盛海), was born. He founded the highly respected company Min Sheng Tang (民生堂) in 1948. His sons Tam Zong Rong (譚宗榮), Tam Zong Han (譚宗漢) and Tam Zong Gui (譚宗貴) started to follow in his footsteps and began their training at seven years of age. Thirty-Three years later, Tam Zong Han (譚宗漢) changed the name Min Sheng Tang to Thuan Hoa (順和). Currently, Tam Zong Han (譚宗漢) and his daughter Ann operate a herbal store in Westminster, California.

Tam Cheng Hai (譚盛海) with his wife and two daughters in his herbal store in northern Vietnam, approx. 1959

Tam Zong Rong (譚宗榮) and Tam Zong Gui (譚宗貴) with their nieces, approx. 1958

Tam Zong Han (譚宗漢) with his nephew in front of one of his herbal stores in Vietnam, approx. 1967

Our family store "Thuan Hoa Hang" is located in Westminster, California at 9697 Bolsa Ave.

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