Detox SB - sty, clear pus and detox... 排毒清膿
Detox SB - sty, clear pus and detox... 排毒清膿
Detox SB - sty, clear pus and detox... 排毒清膿
Detox SB - sty, clear pus and detox... 排毒清膿
Detox CP - stype, clear pus and detox... 排毒清膿 - Silkie

Detox SB - sty, clear pus and detox... 排毒清膿

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An empirical herbal blend to clear heat toxicity and pus causing sores or bumps on the skin.*

Non-GMO | Gluten-Free | No sugar, corn, or dairy  | No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, chemical binders, or wax 

100% Pure all natural herbs, blended, made, and packaged in the USA

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
This proven experienced formula shown to: 
  • Increases Qi and Blood to expel pus trapped under the skin.*
  • Reduces swelling and clears heat toxicity.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

For adults, as a dietary supplement, take 5 - 10 pills once or twice daily if needed. For children under 18 take 3 to 5 pills once or twice daily if needed.  If taking other medication or supplements, allow at least 2 hours before or after using this product.

Different individuals may experience different symptoms, including:

  • Hordeolum (stye)
  • Persistent pus-filled sores or bumps

Always wash your hands with soap and water before and after preparing foods or drinks, before eating, and always wash after using the bathroom. When traveling or away from running water, carry hand wipes. Don’t drink from outdoor wells or unfiltered water sources without first boiling the water. Exercise daily to keep your body and immune system strong. Drink plenty of water. It is best to avoid eating chocolate, raw or uncooked foods like salads and sushi. Avoid greasy, spicy, pungent or heavily seasoned foods like french fries, salsa, and barbeque.  Avoid fish without scales and fins like shrimp and shellfish. No coffee and no cold beverages.

Serving Size 10 pills
Serving Per Container 30
Amount Per Serving 3000mg
Herbal Blend:
Fresh Rehmannia Root
Membranous Milkvetch Root
Common Selfheal Fruit -Spike
White Mulberry Root-Bark
Honeysuckle Flower
Sorrel Rhubarb Root
Other ingredients: Pure honey to aid digestion and absorption

Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed. If any signs of discomfort or irritation occur, discontinue use and consult your physician. 

Please note that a TCM formula is prescribed based on a diagnosed pattern and multiple formulas are usually prescribed to treat the whole person. Please consult a professional TCM practitioner, they will be best able to guide you.




Common selfheal fruit -spike

Its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties help as a gargle for sore throats and as a mouthwash for mouth ulcers and bleeding gums. May stop bleeding from cuts or wounds, reduce swelling from insect bites, and to reduce the swelling from varicose veins, hemorrhoids and eye inflammations.


White mulberry root-bark

May prevent or treat viral diseases such as herpes, and stop the growth of oral bacteria that causes cavities and gum diseases to promote dental health. It is used to purge the Lungs, induce diuresis, calm the Liver and clear Fire. May help to address skin conditions such as dark spots and blemishes. The herb can also promote the healing of scars by nourishing and enhancing the self-healing capabilities of skin.


Honeysuckle flower

Its bitter and cooling nature, alleviates symptoms of heat-related conditions, such as inflammation, infections, urinary tract infections, sores, callous ulcers, aching teeth, scalds, burns and swellings. It has a cooling and calming effect on the body with antifungal and antibacterial properties.


Sorrel rhubarb root

Commonly used in the treatment for stagnation of food, excess heat, constipation, blood stasis, edema, jaundice, stranguria, and sores and carbuncles. It has diarrheal, choleretic and hepatoprotective effects, and can also promote pancreatic juice secretion. Has the effect of stopping bleeding and lowering blood lipids; anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and antibacterial effects.

honey is the only binding agent
no artificial fillers or ingredients
herbs harvested at the height of potency

100% Natural

Our herbal supplements are made with natural honey as the binder. Honey can support the lungs, intestine, spleen, and stomach; It works as a natural preservative with antibacterial and healing properties. Unlike other herbal supplement companies that use starch, magnesium, and other chemical substances as binders for their supplements, we only use 100% honey. We also avoid using vegetable capsules because they require chemical components to form the capsule shape.

Peak Harvest Herbs

The herbs in our herbal pill blends are harvested at the height of their potency and they are substantially more expensive than less potent herbs that were harvested in the pre-or post-season, but in our view, there is no substitute for premium quality.

5 Generations

Over five generations we have collected, tested and refined Chinese herbal formulas that themselves draw from 3000 years of experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Traditional Chinese Medicine is a profound pathway to create the life you were born to live. It's a timeless bridge that can initiate and support change and growth in any and every life dimension: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

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