YinCough (new and old) - dry cough more during the night...  新舊久咳 - Silkie

YinCough (new and old) - dry cough more during the night... 新舊久咳

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Feeling cold, coughing, nasal congestion, cough with mucus from clear to thick phlegm. Afraid of the wind and can feel chills easily. On and off cough with new and old cough and dragging for a long time. If cough with phlegm, accommodate with feeling hot and dry during the day is kidney deficiency, spleen has phlegm. If the cough is dry, also has some thin and dampness mucus from the lungs. The clear mucus is from the wind, cold and dampness; yellow mucus is from heat; green mucus is from infection; If a person has a lot of phlegm are spleen and kidney deficiency, and most of them can feel cold or hot easily. Cough due to yin deficiency, dry cough or with little phlegm. Cough more at the night
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