Breast (Liver) - breast lumps/mass formed inside the breasts...  乳房腫塊 - Silkie

Breast (Liver) - breast lumps/mass formed inside the breasts... 乳房腫塊

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Breast Lumps/Mass formed inside one or both sides of the breast
one or more can be as small as plum or as big as pear, hard
pushable in the beginning when it started to form
skin color unchanged, do not feel pain when pressed on it.
After a few months or years, the mass is enlarged
the skin color is reddish, feel pain or tingling,
irregular menstruation,less amount of period, dysmenorrhea
The spleen and liver qi stagnation, mucus formed inside the breasts.
Soften the lumps and clear the mucus. Soothing the liver and relieving spleen

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