Preparing for your Consultation

Preparing for your Consultation

Your body communicates very clearly what is wrong with it. All we have to do is to look for the signs it gives. For a meaningful consultation please provide as much of the information below as possible. Please email the photos beforehand to your consultant.


  • Take a picture of your tongue sticking out. The best time to take the picture is early in the morning before brushing your teeth. As sharper and higher quality as better. Best use the front facing camera on your phone and switch the flash on. It works well when you stand in front of a mirror, point the camera at your tongue and check the framing of the picture in the mirror. 
  • Take a picture of both eyes
  • Take a picture of both of your hands with the fingernails visible
  • Take a picture of both of your feet with the toenails visible
  • Take a picture of any rash
  • Take a picture of any moles on body or face

Pay attention to:

  • Pee - color, bubble, cloudiness and flow
  • Poop - color, texture, size, float, sink and shape
  • Breathing - wheezing, short of breath
  • Sleep - dreams, night pee
  • Skin - discolored spots
  • Veins - sticking out, green, red or dark color
  • Food - what makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Mental State - are you feeling happy, anxious, nervous, angry, irritated, sad, frightened, depressed or joyful most of the time
  • Weather influence - what changes cause pain, flu or other effects on you
  • Physical Activity - do you exercise and what do you do for your daily activities