Nao - Brainfood

The human brain is an amazing organ. Although it weighs only about 2% of our total body weight, it consumes 20% of the total energy (Dr. Raichle).

Following the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nao is formulated to give the brain what it needs to function when it's hard at work. 

At school, in the office, on stage, no matter what you do, when you have to perform, think hard or study, Nao gives your brain the boost that it needs.

Each ingredient has a very specific purpose in Traditional Chinese Medicine:

The Longan nourishes the blood that feeds the cells in the brain.

The Walnut doesn’t just look like a brain. It’s warming properties support the kidneys and the flow of nutrients to the brain.

The Black Sesame supports the hair, so it won’t turn grey easily when the thinking brain uses up a lot of the nutrients that the hair needs as well.

The American Ginseng nourishes the Qi that helps the nutrients to flow through the body and rise to their destination in the brain.

The Honey assists the body in effectively absorbing the nutrients of the ingredients.


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