Diet & Prevention

Often this formula doesn’t work fast or you may notice the results right away, when a woman has uterus prolapsed, it can be related to deficiency of Qi, deficiency of Spleen and Kidney Qi, not sleeping in the right time and had deep sleep in the lung hours or lack of sleep, and have digestive system issues etc. Suggested to find out the reasons/causes and address that as well, once those areas are addressed, it will stop the prolapse from getting worse. By taking this formula, it will support the system to strengthen the lungs and digestion and be able to stuck the uterus back in place.

Eat similarly portioned meals 3 times per day at regularly designated times. No raw, uncooked veggies and fruits. It is best to avoid eating sweets; greasy or deep fried foods; dairy; pungent or heavily seasoned foods; pickled foods; and burnt meats. No smoking, alcohol, coffee, and cold beverages. No iced beverages including smoothies. 

Avoid going to bed soon after eating. Allow at least 2 ½ hours between eating the last bite and going to bed. Be in bed by 10:30 pm and sleep from 11 pm to 7 am.

For optimal health, rest more and stay away from wind/drafts, cold or AC. Avoid activities that require long periods of standing, walking, running, or jumping.