Skin Clear 暗瘡

Skin Clear 暗瘡

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine this specific herbal formulation is believed to support the body in fighting the effects of Acnes such as papules, pustules, inflamed nodules, pimples, zits, whiteheads, and cysts filled with pus.

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Standard Usage:

For adults, as a dietary supplement, take 10 pills after a meal with warm water twice daily. If taking other medication or supplement, allow at least 2 hours before or after using this product.


In Western Medicine

The cause of Acne is still not fully understood, but is somehow related to hormones due to puberty and/or bacteria.  Acne is most commonly found in people with oily skin and it can leave scars once it heals.  It is a common inflammatory disease of the pilosebaceous glands characterized by papules, pustules, inflamed nodules and pus-filled cysts. Acne eruptions are commonly found around hair follicles and may have small white or black heads surrounded by red skin.  

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

TCM believes that a dysfunction of the internal organs causes Acne. Lung heat with heat in the blood, damp heat in large intestine and stomach and spleen dysfunction with damp phlegm are the main pathogens.  They will have red or shiny oily complexion and have pus, nodules, itchiness eruption, pain in the area, constipation and dark yellow urine with a decreased appetite.


Different individuals may experience different symptoms, including:

- Recurrent red spots or swelling on the skin, which might inflame and fill with pus and are commonly known as pimples

- Acne appears on the face, chest, shoulders, neck, or upper portion of the back

- Dark spots with open pores at the center (blackheads)

- Tiny white bumps under the skin that have no obvious opening (whiteheads)

- Red swellings or lumps (known as papules) that are visibly filled with pus

- Nodules or lumps under the skin that are inflamed, fluid-filled, and often tender; these nodules may become as large as an inch across

Diet & Prevention

Exercise daily to keep your body and immune system strong.  It is best to avoid eating uncooked (raw), greasy, and pungent food, seafood such as shrimp and shellfish, spicy , deep fried, crispy cookies or chips and chocolate. No smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee and cold beverages.


Serving Size 10 pills

Serving Per Container 30

Amount Per Serving 3000mg

Herbal Blend:

Cape Jasmine Fruit, Tree Peony Bark, Phellodendron Bark, Dwarf Lilyturf Root, Licorice Root

Other ingredients : Pure Honey

No artificial color, flavors, preservatives, dairy, chemical binders or wax.

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