Preparation & Soaking Time

Choose high-quality liquor; the best alcohol content is about 50 proof and is made with rice wine. In addition, Chinese medicinal herbal formula should be purchased from a knowledgeable herbal company with a good reputation, and taken under the guidance of Chinese medicine herbalist.

The temperature of the place where the medicinal wine is stored should be 10℃-25℃, and the temperature of the place should not change too much.

The soaking time for most herbal formulas in wine is from 1 to 3 months. Seal, label and date the jar, shake or stir it once every other day.  After 90 days, you may filter with gauze and store the medicinal wine without any herbs. After the medicinal liquor is prepared, a label should be placed on the container, and the name, function, preparation time, dosage and other contents of the medicinal liquor should be clearly written to avoid any difficulty or confusion in identifying the medicine. Misuse may cause life-threatening danger.