1. Clean the affected area.  
  2. Apply the powder with one egg white in a cup and stir it evenly. Put it on a piece of plastic wrap film and spread it evenly. Warm it in the microwave for 7 - 10 seconds.  (DO NOT overcook the egg.  DO NOT heats too long or you may burn the skin.)  Then put the warmed herbs with the film on the affected area.  Cover with a sterile bandage around the side of the film, and then wrap it with an elastic bandage.
  3. Take it off every 3 hours to allow the skin to breathe for an hour and also take off when showering. Clean the affected area every day. Reapply again after showering, but need to re-warm it for 5-7 seconds before applying. Each application may be used up to 2 days or re-warmed up to 4 times.
  4. Make sure do wash hands with soap each time after use