Face Examination

When examining the face, the following guidelines apply:

  • The forehead is associated with Heart
  • The left cheek is associated with Liver
  • The right cheek is associated with Lung
  • The triangular nose area is associated with Spleen and Stomach
  • The chin associated with Kidney 

Evaluation of Facial Color

Five colors appear on the face: red, green, yellow, white, and black. Depending on a person’s constitution, a healthy face may have one color that is more predominant than others, but several may be visible. To determine what colors are present in your face, always examine it in natural light. Look for the overall color tone; study at the skin to see what tones appear from under the surface; look at any visible veins. For contrast, hold your hand up alongside your face.

  • If your facial color is bright and fresh then the disease is called “floating” and is on a superficial level
  • If the color is moist, nor wet or dry, the disease is not severe and easy to treat
  • If the color is shallow and scattered over a large area the number of days of the disease will be short
  • If the color is dark and cloudy, then the disease is sinking into the inner organs
  • If the color is dark, cloudy and dry, the disease is severe and is difficult to cure
  • If the color is deep and accumulated in one spot, the disease is a long-term one 

Face Acne

The Western medicinal treatment for face acne is usually to apply ointments, creams or oral antibiotic. The results may vary and usually its stop the condition for a while only to have it return or it grows on another area instead. If acne grows around the lips, forehead, chin, around the cheeks and/or face, Traditional Chinese Medicine sees this as a reflection of the state of the body's internal organs, physiological functions and pathological conditions. If an acne with swelling, purulent and grow on the same spot for more than three weeks, it may be a sign for you to pay attention to those organs and see whether it is imbalance.

Just applying the creams on the face to remove the acne completely will not work. If you take the right remedy not only will the acne is disappear, it will improve the overall body health. Not only is facial acne an indicator, the color tone of the face is very important as well.

Face Acne Examples

Acne on the Forehead

Pay attention and see if it is difficult to fall asleep, sleep late, get up too early or lack of sleep. You might feeling anxious, stress out, not in a good temper, losing your temper easily, agitation, anxiety, mental restlessness, impulsive, palpitations, thirst, irritability, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, and tip of the tongue is red those are all the symptoms of having Heart Fire. If the urine is dark that may contain blood and/or be painful (this is a result of Heart Fire transmission to the Small Intestine), constipation with dry stool (possible hematemesis), epistaxis, delirium, manic episodes, bitter taste, Fire can make blood reckless resulting in heavy periods or flooding and trickling. You may also have chest pain.

This pattern is seen in emotional disturbances (chronic generalized anxiety, anger, worry, most notably depression), external pathogenic Fire, Liver Fire, neurosis, chronic mouth ulcers, urinary tract infections, overeating of spicy pungent deep fried foods, and over-consumption of alcohol.

Acne on the Left Cheek

Pay attention and see if you are having periods of long-term stress, bad mood, lack of sleep or sleeping late, which can affect your liver function, but also affects your menstruation, and even your reproductive system. You might also have dry mouth, mouth pain, bad breath, headache, dizziness, dry eyes, and sleep instability, body with heat and thickening tongue with teeth mark. That indicates that the Liver is in extremely heated.

Acne on the Right Cheek

Pay attention and see if you are catching a cold with a cough, itchy throat, and sore throat. This usually occurs in the fall season. You might also have difficulty breathing, fast shallow (panting) breaths, loud wheezing, sweating, yellow sticky phlegm, irritable, tight chest, fever, thirst and/or constipation. That indicates that the heat is attacking the Lungs.

Acne on the triangular nose zone and upper lips

Pay attention and see if you often stay up late, eating spicy food, greasy food, fast food, deep fried, heat inducing food and/or eating less vegetables or fruits. You might also have red eye, dry mouth, bad breath, irritability, sweating, oliguria, constipation, thirsty, epigastria burning pain, stomach acid reflux, heartburn, gum swelling, ulcer bleeding and/or cracked lines in the tongue. Acne with dull red complexion with deep eruptions, nodules, slow healing and that leaves scarring is usually related to diet and causing excessive heat to Stomach and Spleen. The Spleen is unable to transform and transport dampness which turns to phlegm which turns to heat. The stomach heat and flaming of the fire of the lesion will lead to the emergence of stomach fire.

Acne on the Chin

Pay attention and see if you were having endocrine disorders. You might also have lower back/knee pain, dizzy, vertigo, poor memory, lack of concentration, poor hearing, long term five-center heat sensation, menstruation disorders. If you are a women, you may suffering from a gynecological disease, appears more cold hands and feet, more vaginal discharge phenomenon and abdominal pelvic inflammatory response. Men commonly with yellow and turbid urine, manifested in the skin as a cyst-type acne, in addition to eating some spicy food, fried food, cold drink, alcohol and/or coffee, can cause constipation, hemorrhoids were formed over time and feces accumulate in the body, the natural reaction of the skin is to form acne and pus acne internally and/or externally.