Diet & Prevention

When drinking medicinal liquor, avoid taking it with radish, onion, and garlic.

Part of the alcohol contained in the medicinal wine is excreted from the body after detoxification by the liver, which is undoubtedly a bad stimulus to the liver.

So when drinking medicinal wine, you may add some brown or cane sugar or honey to protect the liver from harm. If you drink medicinal wine for a very long time, it may affect the metabolism in the body, such as causing more protein loss. Therefore, you must supplement protein intake by eating more eggs, lean meat, chicken and other protein-rich fresh foods.

After drinking medicinal wine, it is best to avoid sexual activities, exposure to wind and cold, and showering which also exposes the skin to moisture and possibly drafts. Do not consume any sour foods or eat vinegar.  Do not receive acupuncture immediately after drinking alcohol.