Diet & Prevention

Eat light, balanced meals. It is best to avoid salty foods. Avoid pungent or heavily seasoned foods like curries and barbeque; raw or uncooked foods like salad and sushi; and sour foods like vinegar, orange, grapefruit, and pickles. Fried, greasy, or heavy foods like french fries, pizza, ice cream, and cheesecake create Dampness and should also be avoided. Do not consume shellfish. No spicy and no chocolate.  No smoking, alcohol, coffee and ice-cold beverages. 

In addition to a light diet with less salt, calorie control and daily exercise such as walking for 30 minutes are necessary lifestyle changes. High risk factors such as having high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or high cholesterol can lead to another stroke. Therefore, a balanced diet low in salt and fat combined with daily exercise are the keys to preventing minor strokes.