On The Day You Get Micro-Needling

  • No Makeup At All
  • Use Silkie’s Hydrosols - Use When You Feel Dry Or Have Redness As Much As You Need It.
  • No Exercise - Sweat Can Irritate The Face
  • Stay Out of The Sun On The Day You Get Micro-Needling
  • Do Not Use Facial Soap - You Can Wash Your Face With Just Warm Water
  • Back To Your Normal Facial Routine The Same Night

Days After Micro-Needling

  • Stay Out of The Sun As Much As Possible
  • Keep Your Daily Normal Facial Routine
  • Facial Products Have A Much Higher Absorption Rate The Week After Micro-Needing
  • It Takes 2 Weeks To Fully See Results From The Treatment
  • Use Mineral Sunscreen 3 Days After Mcro-Needing
  • You Must Wait 1 Month Before Having Another Micro-Needle Treatment. However, Nano Treatments May Be Done Weekly To Increase / Speed Up Results