Jo Shimoda takes the first place in the Monster Energy Cup

Jo Shimoda takes the first place in the Monster Energy Cup

Congratulations to Jo Shimoda for winning the Monster Energy Cup in the Amateur class in Vegas. Jo is a very talented Motocross Rider, who at only 15 years of age, is a rising star in his sport and has been supporting his body with our herbal pills.

Competitive athletes are nothing short of modern day heroes. The training and dedication that is required to get to the top in any sport is enormous. It requires daily training, often pushing the body to its very limits. This takes a toll on the body and the function of the organs, which over time wear out like an overstretched rubber band. This is why in most sports the younger athletes perform well, until they slowdown from the extreme use of their bodies. With herbal formulas we can support specific organs to counteract the damage and prolong their optimum function.

Jo came to us by the recommendation of his trainer, the well-known French Motocross coach Yannig Kervella. Yannig had his own positive experiences with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and recommended an herbal regiment to his protégés to benefit from it while they are still young and the herbals can protect their organs as opposed to repairing them.

Motocross riders frequently bruise and injure their body, for this reason Jo has a steady supply of an herbal pill formulation that enhances the flow of blood and energy and speeds up the healing. The same is true for the herbal paste that gets applied to the skin in the affected area for particularly severe injuries.

Another health problem that I frequently see with Motocross riders are damages to the lungs as a result of the inhalation of gasoline and exhaust fumes. We recommend an herbal mix to clear the lungs and support their function.

Lastly, the mental effect of competitive sports must not be underestimated. Jo, like most athletes, has high expectations of himself and is concerned about his performance. These emotions interfere with the ability of the athlete to relax and sleep deeply at night, which is necessary for the body to recuperate and refresh itself. In TCM we have several herbal formulas that support the mind and the body in relaxing at nighttime.

All of us here at Silkie are excited to watch Jo succeeding in his Motocross ambitions in the years to come and we are here to support his health with our knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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