Chinese Herbs For Hair Growth: How They Work & Which Ones to Use

woman with long curly hair and text overlay that says "Chinese herbs are a natural hair growth remedy, and a 5th generation herbalist explains how it works"
He shou wu, more commonly known as fleeceflower root, is the most famous herb in China for hair growth.
The herb name translates to “crow-black haired [Mr.] He” indicating the herb’s use for healthy hair and hinting at the man who discovered the plant.

According to a ninth-century legend, Mr. He was an older man afflicted with illness and infertility.  He noticed this plant with many vines and an abundance of intertwining tendrils.  The plant seemed even more active at night with the vines commingling.

Drawn to the nocturnal vitality of the plant, Mr. He consumed the plant regularly for several years.  Thereafter, youthful vitality  and virility were restored.  Mr. He’s health and complexion improved.  His hair turned black and he fathered children.

For fleeceflower root to have the function of benefiting the hair, the plant has to be properly prepared.  Fleeceflower root has to be cleaned, chopped into pieces, and mixed with yellow rice wine and black bean juice, which is made by boiling black soybeans for several hours.

Next, the mixture has to be double-boiled or steamed in nonmetallic cookware until the roots absorb all the rice wine and black bean juice.  Preparing fleeceflower root this way for consumption enables the root to have the effects of darkening the hair and stimulating new growth. 

Taking prepared fleeceflower root singularly will take a long time for significant hair growth and darkening of grey hair to occur.  To expedite hair growth from years to months, other herbs like black sesame seed, which is also good for the hair, are added.  By far, the best hair growth herbal formula on the market is LushLocks by Silkie Herbs.

LushLocks contains a proprietary herbal blend that can kickstart hair growth in a matter of weeks.  First you will notice less hair accumulating on the shower drain, in your brush after brushing your hair, and on the floor.  Then you will notice new baby hair growth. 

Additionally, LushLocks is incredible for premature greying of the hair.  Prepared fleeceflower root is a major ingredient, but more importantly, the herbal blend is very balanced.  Nourishing herbs are coupled with herbs that stimulate blood flow to the head to nourish the hair follicles.

LushLocks is a very safe formula in which the ingredients are mostly food based.  Individual results will vary depending on current health and dietary choices.  For best results, a complete health consultation with a certified herbalist is recommended.

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