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Jo Shimoda takes the first place in the Monster Energy Cup

by Ann Tam Congratulations to Jo Shimoda for winning the Monster Energy Cup in the Amateur class in Vegas. Jo is a very talented Motocross Rider, who at only 15 years of age, is a rising star in his sport and has been supporting his body with our herbal pills. Competitive athletes are nothing short of modern day heroes. The training and dedication that is required to get to the top in any sport is enormous. It requires daily training, often pushing the body to its very limits. This takes a toll on the body and the function of the organs, which over time wear out like an overstretched rubber band. This is why in most sports the younger athletes...

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The annoying itchiness keeps you up at night. The stubborn oozing, blisters, patches of redness and rashes on the skin are a clear sign that you are suffering from eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis. Steroids, antihistamines, even immunosuppressants may alleviate the symptoms for a short while, unfortunately, there is no cure for the condition since the cause is unclear according to western medicine.

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Why you should NEVER ice an injury

By Patricia Jade Nguyen In my acupuncture practice, I see a lot of patients who have persistent joint and muscle pains.  After inquiring about the cause, development, and previous treatment of the pain, the subject of icing inevitably surfaces.  All of them have iced their pain at some point.  Current conventional wisdom recommends icing to decrease inflammation and pain.  The RICE method is Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.  Consequently, it’s rare to find a patient who has never iced.    Let’s examine the mechanics of an injury and the costs and benefits of icing.  An injury usually arises when an external force has caused structural damage to the body.  The force can be extreme such as falling off your bike...

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